SnapStats™ - The Smart Buyer & Seller Report

SnapStats™ is a unique, simple, single page summary of the preceding months sales activities by price band, style of home and individual neighbourhoods in Vancouver Downtown, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. It includes a 12 month trend tracker for sales activity and active listings complemented with valuable monthly sales to active listings ratios. As well as tracks average home prices over the last five years by neighborhoods. It is extremely helpful in choosing a neighborhood that is going to be a good investment for YOUR family.

This report will educate you on current inventory levels, number of sales, prices and official market types today so that you can capitalize on these markets tomorrow.  It clearly displays:The official market type* for individual price ranges

The official market type for individual neighbourhoods
The odds of a home selling today. (1 in 10? 1 in 100?)
The past twelve month trends for sale prices, active listings and number of sales


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