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Wallace & McDowell - North Vancouver


At the turn of the 20th century, Alfred Wallace opened a shipyard at Lonsdale and Esplanade, where it quickly became part of a busy complex of harbour-based operations. Ships were built. A townsite developed. An industry formed. Other prominent businesses started up along with Wallace’s, including McDowell’s Drugstore, opened by Marcus McDowell, at the corner of 1st and Lonsdale.

Wallace and McDowell helped form the backbone of the Lower Lonsdale community. One: a gritty shipbuilder who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty and believed in quality that lasts. The other: a man with a more refined, exacting nature, whose business was so successful, it lasted for generations.

At Wallace & McDowell, we’re carefully rehabilitating the original 1904 McDowell block and building a development with a focus on attention to detail, not unlike what you would find in a ship. Or a pharmacy. In doing so, we’re part of a heritage community that honours its past and forms an essential part of Lower Lonsdale’s future. We like to think Wallace and McDowell would be proud.