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Stone Hill Estate, West Vancouver, BC

Rarely, if ever, will you find the attention to the extraordinary detail that Stone Hill Estate has cultivated throughout its half acre of masterfully designed and meticulously manicured grounds. Beyond the beautifully ornate gate and stone driveway you are quietly lead onto an estate that has been generously infused with features that never cease to amaze. Tucked away on a secluded private road, this estate offers the ultimate privacy. Behind the gates, you arrive at a formal court yard which evokes the Georgian inspired designed and the romance of being welcomed to your new home. The moment you enter the beautifully crafted custom solid wood doors which mirror the coach house you are enchanted by the two story grand foyer, and crystal chandelier which instantly sets the tone for this exquisite estate Exclusively situated in one of the most prestigious area in West Vancouver, Stone Hills Estate sets a new standard of exceptional living and lavish entertaining. Just over 9,500 SQFT of beauty, the Georgian inspired architectural is magnificently appointed with an approach to luxury, elegance and comfort. This home’s 6 Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms & 9 Fireplaces, 3 sets of laundry, and 3 dishwashers showcase the finest mastery and finishes imaginable. This symmetrically planned home was designed to for easy accessibility too all rooms. Incomparable to a world class resort the homes kitchen is a masterful mix of high tech and high end that sets the residence apart from any other. The thoughtfully designed bright master chef kitchen is state of the art meets welcoming sophistication. Double furniture styled island, surrounded by the abundance of solid wood custom cabinetry and with every modern appliance desired this spacious kitchen is ideal for all your culinary creation. SUBZERO fridge and freezer, butler’s area, top of the line industrial wolf range with 6 burners, griddle, and grill and warming lights. Pantry, and prep area for easy preparation for events. The gourmet kitchen creates an alluring space which is the heart of the home. All the counter tops in the home are constructed out of natural stone. It opens to the family room which features marble fireplaces that invite you to gather, entertain or simply relax. The entertainers dream becomes an exciting realty. In addition to the Morning room, you will find a stunning library that features enriched historic inspired millwork that adds to the overall enjoyment of living opportunity within this estate. With inviting spacious living rooms, opening onto expansive terraces for the ultimate indoor and outdoor living. You'll revel in the beauty of the exterior grounds accented by a swim pool with an electric pool covering, hot tub, fountain, green house and lush landscaping. All while enjoying your spectacular West Coast ocean view. A fully equipped pool house, full bath, and separate laundry contained in a beautifully crafted piece. It is an understatement to say that the Stone Hill Estate offers every amenity imaginable. The beauty of space doesn’t end there; down the stunning staircase is the grand ball room, One enters the magnificent great ball room which offers an impressive setting for intimate get-togethers as well as formal gatherings. The flexibility of the design house lends its self to an ease of multifunctional use. The uses for this space for Concerts, plays, athletics, or artistry. Give your child the best opportunity to refine their artistic and athletics skills. Entertain hundreds for your child’s fundraiser or weddings. It simplifies your life because you can accolade what you do in your life in your own home. The master retreat is the ideal getaway and provides the perfect place for relaxation. With two fireplaces and an intimate sitting room with an ocean view. The master bath is pure elegance. Surrounded by gorgeous marble, a relaxing jetted soaking tub is the stunning jewel of the space. Highlighted by a private Terrace with an ocean view, and a steam shower that will leave you refreshed and ready for the day. Off the sweeping grand staircase, the remarkable detail of this home continues as this upper level features 4 additional oversized bedrooms each with their own private bath and walk-in closet. The innovated thinking of the laundry room, built with Intuitive design to ease your everyday tasks. This estate also offers a designer 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom coach home finished to the same standards of the main estate. Hardwood floors, marble countertops, and a beautiful rain shower. Perfect for grown children, nanny, in-laws, or guests. This quiet retreat offers a sandy beach at the end of the street and is a short stroll to the golf club. Hollyburn and Capilano Golf course close by. This private estate was built with the environment in mind. The home which is anchored onto the supporting granite has been built to high-rise earth quake standards with rebar throughout the home, the paint has zero VOC. Additional Features: - Top of the line fully serviced Cambridge home elevator - Surround sound throughout the home - Infrared Sauna - Gym - A/C - Radiant heating

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在极少数情况下,如果有的话,你会发现以非凡的细节,注意石山村各地栽培的半英亩的巧妙设计和精心修剪的理由。除了精美华丽的门和石车道,你静静地通往地产已慷慨注入的功能,从来没有停止惊奇。藏着一个僻静的私人道路,房地产提供了最终的隐私。背后的门,你到达在一个正式的院子,唤起了格鲁吉亚风格的设计和浪漫欢迎您的新家。输入的时候,你制作精美的定制实木门镜像教练房子你是附魔由两个故事宏伟的门厅,水晶吊灯,立即定下了基调,坐落在西温哥华最负盛名的地区之一这精湛的房地产独家,石山庄村设立了新标准的特殊生活和奢华的娱乐。就超过9,500平方英尺的美感,格鲁吉亚风格的建筑辉煌配备豪华,优雅和舒适性的一种方法。这家的6间卧室,8个浴室和9壁炉,3台洗衣,3洗碗机展示最好的掌握和完成可以想象。此计划对称的家被设计为为拆装方便所有客房。无法比拟的世界一流的度假胜地,家庭厨房是一个熟练的高科技和高端组合,除了从任何其他设置的住所。明亮的师傅精心设计厨房是最先进的符合温馨的复杂性。双人家具风格的岛屿,四周丰富的实木定制橱柜,并期望这间宽敞的厨房配有各种现代化家电为您的烹饪创作的理想场所。零度以下的冰箱和冰柜,管家的区域,顶部6炉,扒炉,烧烤和气候变暖灯线工业狼范围。厨房,准备区,便于事件的准备。创建一个诱人的美食厨房的空间,这是家的心脏。家中所有的台面构造出天然石材。它打开配有大理石壁炉,邀请您来收集,娱乐和放松的家庭房。艺人的梦想,成为一个令人兴奋的房地产。除了向晨报室,你会发现一个惊人的图书馆,具有丰富的历史风格的木制品,增加了整体的享受生活的机会,在这个房地产。邀请宽敞的客厅,开放广阔的梯田上的终极室内和室外生活。你会陶醉在美丽的外观和重音覆盖,热水池,喷泉,绿色房子和郁郁葱葱的景观与电动游泳池游泳池。同时享受壮观的西海岸海景。制作精美的作品中包含一个设备齐全的池子里,全套卫浴设备,独立的洗衣房。它是一种轻描淡写,说石山村提供每市容想象。美丽的空间并没有结束;上下惊人的楼梯是盛大的舞会室,一个进入的壮丽伟大的球房,它提供了一个令人印象深刻的设置亲密聚会以及正式的聚会。设计的灵活性房子借给其自我多功能使用的易于使用的。使用这个空间,音乐会,戏剧,体育,或艺术性。给您的孩子最好的机会,完善自己的艺术和体育技能。你的孩子的筹款活动或婚礼的招待数百。它简化了你的生活,因为你可以你做什么,在你的生活在自己家里的荣誉。主撤退是理想的度假胜地,并提供放松身心的理想场所。随着两个壁炉和一个温馨的客厅可以看到海景。主浴是纯粹的优雅。一个轻松的按摩浴缸周围环绕着华丽的大理石,宝石的空间是惊人的。所强调的私人露台海景,蒸汽淋浴,将让你神清气爽,准备一天。关闭扫宏伟的楼梯,这家持续显着的细节,因为这上层设有4个额外的超大卧室,每间卧室都拥有自己的私人浴室和步入式衣柜。创新思维,洗衣房,建有直观的设计,以减轻你的日常任务。这个小区还提供了一个设计师1间卧室,1个浴室教练家里完成的主要产业相同的标准。硬木地板,大理石台面,和一个美丽的花洒淋浴。完美的成年子女,保姆,在法律,或客人。这家宁静的度假胜地提供在街道尽头的沙滩仅几步之遥的高尔夫球俱乐部。 Hollyburn和卡皮拉诺高尔夫球场的关闭。这家私人庄园始建与环保理念。螺纹钢整个家庭,家是挂靠到支撑花岗岩已建成高层地震标准,具有零VOC涂料。附加功能: - 顶线全套服务的剑桥家电梯 - 在整个家庭中的环绕声 - 红外桑拿 - 健身房 - A / C - 辐射采暖