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Quarry Rock - Deep Coves Best Hike - North Vancouver

Hike time!!

Once and a while we like to take a break from work and especially the computer. When we want to get out and smell the fresh air we head straight to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. 

Bade Powell - Quarry Rock Bluff Hike

The trail starts right from the road and you climb straight up about 50 m. (give or take). Starting with some stairs, then mostly roots and big rocks. after that the trail condition approves and winds up and down across several creeks, witch have had new bridges put in the last couple years. after about 1.5k you come to a bit of a fork where you can continue up some power lines that put you out on to Indian River road. But you want to hang a right at this fork. Which will dump you out on the a bluff that sticks out 40m or 50m that looks over deep cove. Some trail runners, dog walkers, and families use this trail, it's simple, easy, and a quick fix for many in town.


Head east on Mount Seymour PKWY. TO Deep Cove RD. and turn left. and follow until you see Panorama Dr. witch is in "Down Town" Deep Cove. Turn Left on Panorama Dr. drive along Panorama Dr. about 300m and the trail head is on your left. it starts about 10m up a shared driveway.