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Lower Lynn - North Vancouver RE-DEVELOPMENT

Lower Lynn - North Vancouver RE-DEVELOPMENT seylynn bosa walters place lynn valley mountain spring polygon


Lower Lynn will be a transit-oriented mixed use community comprised of a wide range of housing types for people of all stages of life, all incomes, with accessible places of work and convenient shopping, amenities and civic uses and services. Over time, Lower Lynn will become an outstanding model of urban living in harmony with the North Shore’s natural environment. 



LowerLynnisoneoftwodesignatedTownCentresintheOCP. Centrally located within the District at the Second Narrows bridgehead and connected
to Lower Lonsdale via Main Street/Low Level Road, Lower Lynn has good access to transit, nearby parks and amenities, adjacent employment lands and numerous commercial uses. Lower Lynn is well situated for the creation of a complete community. In the regional context, Lower Lynn will be proposed, in consultation with the regional transportation authority, as a Frequent Transit Development Area with a greater mix and density of housing, commercial, employment and other uses to support frequent transit services. Over the next 20 years (and potentially longer) it is anticipated that approximately 3,000 units will be created in Lower Lynn Town Centre.

Existing land uses in Lower Lynn include light industrial, regionally oriented retail uses along Main Street, port industrial activity south of Main Street
and single family homes east of Mountain Highway. The highway, railway
lines serving the port and Lynn Creek are physical barriers that impact the connectivity of Lower Lynn with the surrounding area. The community has expressed a strong desire to rejuvenate and redevelop this area. Seylynn Village, a high-density mixed use development, has been approved at the north-eastern edge of Lower Lynn Centre and may catalyze redevelopment. With redevelopment, there is an opportunity to realize greater housing choices including rental and more affordable types. As well, the pedestrian and cycling network connections can be improved to Park and Tilford, Lynn Creek Park, and the trail network from the waterfront north to Inter-River Park. Pedestrian and cycling connections may also be facilitated to Seymour Creek and Maplewood in the future. 


Map 8 indicates the predominant land uses for Lower Lynn Town Centre.

3.1.1 Housing

  1. Accommodatearangeofhouseholdtypesincludingseniors,young families and singles, and a range of income levels through a mix of residential unit types and tenures

  2. Establishminimumrequirementsfortheprovisionofaffordableand rental units to be achieved through the Lower Lynn public benefit and community amenity provision strategy

  3. Encourageredevelopmentthatincludesanappropriateproportionof units suitable for families in terms of adequate unit size, number of bedrooms, access to private outdoor space and potential for “lock off” units

  4. Requiremulti-familydevelopmentstoincludeon-siteplayspacefor children where appropriate

  5. Consider,whereappropriate,facilitatinglive/workunitsalong Mountain Highway to provide a transition between residential and light industrial uses 

3.1.2 Commercial and Employment Uses

  1. Focusnewcommercialfloorspaceandservicesinthe“heart”and within Seylynn Village; and explore transitional commercial uses at the southwest corner of Mountain Highway and Crown Street

  2. Supportandencouragemajorofficedevelopment

  3. Supportlightindustrialcommercialusesandencourageintensification

    and diversification of such uses

  4. MaintainMainStreetasaregionaldestinationcommercialarea

  5. Facilitateeffectivebufferingofcommercialandmixedusesalong Main Street from nearby industrial areas, and transition development sensitively to adjacent residential uses

  6. MaintaintheDistrict’sWorksYardinthemediumtermandconsider alternative uses of this site that may support the Town Centre in the long te

3.1.3 Community Facilities, Services and Amenities 

ProvideacentralplazaontheeastsideofMountainHighwayin the heart of the Town Centre and program it to support community activities and serve as a community focal point

CreateagatewaytotheheartatMountainHighwayandCrownthrough public realm improvements on the four corners

PrepareacommunityamenitystrategyforLowerLynnTownCentreto deliver community amenities and public benefits generally to include, but not limited to:

Affordable and rental housing units

Redevelopment of Seylynn Hall as a community centre Community space adjacent to Seylynn Park

Neighbourhood park improvements including playgrounds at Seylynn and Bridgman Parks, and new neighbourhood park space to serve the area south of Crown Street and east of Mountain Highway

Urban plaza including landscaping, street furniture and public art Enhancement of trails and greenways

Other community amenities as identified to meet goals and objectives for Lower Lynn 

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*All Information From The District of North Vancouver Website: Under Town Center News as of June 7th, 2015