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HST/PST Calculators for BC

Ashley Nielsen Vancouver Real Estate - HST / PST BC


Given the switch back to BC PST on April 1, 2013 many are confused on the amount of HST/PST they will be paying when purchasing their new home. 

Use this HST/PST Calculator to figure out your tax for BC

These tools calculate taxes using transition rules applicable to the switch back to BC PST on April 1, 2013 only; that is, they do not factor in pre-harmonization grandparenting or prior tax rate change transitions. Note: these calculators should not be considered substitutes for professional accounting or legal advice.


由於開關BC PST4月1日2013年很多人都感到困惑HST/ PST他們將支付購買他們的新家園

使用此HST / PST計算器找出你的BC

這些工具使用轉換規則適用於開關BC PST2013年4月1日計算稅金他們預先協調祖輩因素現有稅率變動過渡注:這些計算器不應被視為替代專業會計或法律意見