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How and Why to use Feng Shui to Sell your home

Ashley Nielsen - Prudential Sussex -Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Agent - Feng Shui De clutter for selling your home

"In a city where a quarter of the population is Chinese, it might make financial sense to appeal to ancient traditions. If you've ever walked into a house, as a potential buyer, and said: "it just feels right," then you understand the basic principles of Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese practice involves making energetic and physical adjustments to a space in order to create balance and flow. And, in the midst of a recession when selling your house or condo may seem nearly impossible, it may just be the answer to your real estate woes.

"When it comes to selling a house, it takes more than just curb appeal," says Ingrid Hauck, an Ottawa-based Feng Shui consultant, "It takes Chi appeal!"

 Ashley Nielsen - Prudential Sussex -Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Agent - Feng Shui for helping sell your home

Benefits of feng shui

  • Improved health
  • Increase in prosperity and productivity
  • Better sleep
  • More prosperity
  • Improved relationships with family and friends, less conflict
  • Improvements in career prospects and increased opportunities for advancement
  • Less stress

Feeling of being more in control of your life


Chi (or Qi) is the life energy considered, by Chinese philosophy, to be inherent in all things. "Chi flow is achieved when everything is balanced beautifully," says Ingrid, the author of, Feng Shui with Attitude: Jump Start Your Joy. She explains: the decision to buy a house doesn't just come from its ability to meet all of your needs, but also from an intangible feeling — a response to the Chi.
So, before you hang out the For Sale sign, consider the following, do-it-yourself Feng Shui principles

Ashley Nielsen - Prudential Sussex -Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Agent - Front Door for selling your home and finding buyers

Focus on the front door
When potential buyers come to see your house, they'll probably enter through the front door. But, if you typically use the garage or even a side door, then the energy around the front entranceway is likely stale.  First, get in the habit of using the front door while you’re trying to sell. Then, oil the locks (to ensure nothing sticks) and apply a fresh coat of paint. Ensure that the main foyer is as open and spacious as possible and watch for sharp edges that may be pointing toward visitors as they enter. "In terms of Feng Shui, the front door pertains to the buyer's motivation to make a purchase and how welcome they feel upon entering the home."

Wake up the energy
While you don’t want the energy of your house to flow too quickly (as happens in a messy or cluttered space) you also don't want it to feel stagnant. To wake-up the energy flow, begin by using every room in the house. "If a room sits empty, even if it’s clean and well-decorated, it will begin to feel stale on an energy level," Ingrid explains. To bring an unused room back to life consider opening a window, buying a plant, moving your pet’s bed into that space, turning on a radio, or at the very least, wandering in and out on a daily basis. "What I might do when consulting a client, is go to all four corners of an unused room and clap my hands," Ingrid explains. "In a stale room you'll hear a dull thud but once the energy is circulating, you’ll hear a bright tone to the clap."

Clean the windows

According to Feng Shui, windows act as our eyes and provide focus and insight. To help your buyer feel clear about his or her intentions, wash your windows regularly, and keep window-coverings simple, highlighting the view as opposed to closing up the curtains.

Ashley Nielsen - Prudential Sussex -Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Agent - Feng Shui - Clean your windows for selling your home

Enhance the Energy Zones
A Feng Shui practitioner will help you create an energy map (Ba-Gua) that allows you to divide your house into eight or nine quadrants or zones based on the floor plan.  These are: Wealth (back, left from the front door), Helpful People (right of the front door), Career (at the front door) and Fame (straight back, across from front door). "


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