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Harbourside North Vancouver - A Complete Community

North Vancouver’s Premiere Business Park

"Originally a lumber mill and log sort site, Concert acquired the waterfront Harbourside site in 1996 and began transforming it into a business park. Today, Harbourside is a daytime-oriented neighbourhood that contains nearly 900,000 square feet of commercial space and provides over 3,900 jobs to the City of North Vancouver. Despite being the North Shore’s premier business park, challenging economics, lack of neighbourhood amenities and decreased commercial demand in this location have made it difficult to develop the remaining waterfront lands as originally envisioned.

Harbourside is also home to Kings Mill Walk, the City’s longest stretch of waterfront park with nearly 1.5 kilometres of waterfront paths — designed, constructed and donated to the community by Concert.


A Complete Community

Following a successful Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment that recognized a broader range of uses, heights and densities at Harbourside, Concert has applied to rezone the 12-acre site in accordance with the vision shared by both the City of North Vancouver and community.

This proposal picks up where the OCP amendment leaves off and describes the specifics of how Harbourside could become a “complete community” with waterfront condominium and rental homes that would appeal to a broad spectrum of income levels and age groups, high-quality office space for a skilled workforce, boutique retail, restaurants and a full-service hotel.

While the rezoning application covers many important topics related to bringing this vision to fruition, particular focus was placed on the theme of connectivity – a fundamental aspect of any sustainable community. Concert has embraced the opportunity to both introduce and improve upon a variety of multi-modal transportation options at Harbourside to allow for enhanced connectivity by foot, bike, bus and car. Acknowledging that there are existing concerns around traffic congestion and parking at Harbourside, Concert is committed to alleviating concerns and to creating an environment that is superior to what currently exists.

As part of the rezoning process, Concert has proposed a range of community amenities which fall into four broad categories: adding economic value, enhancing public spaces, providing affordable housing and improving accessibility. In collaboration with the City, these amenity contributions will be refined and communicated to the public shortly.

An Evolving Vision for the Future of Harbourside

On the waterfront of North Vancouver lies Harbourside, a collection of lands partially developed by Concert into a business park. While zoning is in place to allow for a final phase of commercial space, Concert envisions a different fate for Harbourside – the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use community; a place to live, work, shop and play all in an attractive, highly-walkable and sustainable neighbourhood.

The first major milestone for this development has already been reached; Concert’s application to the City to amend their Official Community Plan (OCP) was approved in July of 2012. Concert has now proceeded with an application for rezoning which aligns with the amended OCP and proposes significant public amenities. To learn more about Concert’s vision for this community, click here."

Concert will be hosting the following events to continue with public consultation throughout the rezoning process:

Town Hall Meeting
September 30, 2013
View the presentation boards which speak to the project overview, conceptual design, transportation planning, and amenities and infrastructure improvements.

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