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2013 Fast Facts on BC Assessment – Vancouver Real Estate

Ashley Nielsen Vancouver Real Estate - BC Assessment

Fast Facts on BC Assessment

BC Assessment (BCA) is a provincial Crown corporation incorporated in 1974 under the Assessment Authority Act. The mandate is to establish and maintain an independent, uniform and efficient real property assessment system throughout B.C. in accordance with the Assessment Act.


  • An assessment is the determination of a property’s market value, property classification and applicable exemptions. There are nine classes of property in B.C.
  • Total number of properties on the 2013 roll is 1,935,426, a 0.92% increase from 2012.
  • Total value of real estate on the 2013 roll is $1,129,026,081,413, a 2.30% increase from 2012.
  • The 2013 Assessment Roll, our core product, represents over 1.9 million properties with a general taxable value of $983 billion. This is a 1.90 per cent increase from the 2012 Roll total taxable value of $964 billion.
  • The Assessment Roll provides a stable base for local governments and taxing authorities in B.C. to raise over $6.2 billion in property taxes for schools and important local services.
  • BC Assessment determines a property’s market value and sends the owner(s) a Property Assessment Notice in early January. Taxing authorities establish the property tax rate, apply it to the assessed value and send the owner a tax notice.
  • BCA is funded from property tax levies and does not rely on grants or government funding.
  • There are 629 full-time employees at the 16 BCA offices throughout the province.

Assessment Roll Statistics

  • BCA added approximately $16.64 billion of value in ‘non-market change’, including new construction and development to the 2013 Assessment Roll – an increase of 2.30 per cent from the $14.69 billion of non-market change recorded on the 2012 Roll.
  • In 2012, more than 98 per cent of property owners accepted their property assessment as provided by BC Assessment without proceeding to a formal, independent review (appeal) of their assessment. Appeals in writing must be filed by January 31.
  • There are approximately 75 Property Assessment Review Panels (PARP) appointed and administered annually by the provincial government. More
  • info:
  • In British Columbia, approximately 87.6 per cent of all properties are classified as Residential (Class 1).

Public Information

  • BC Assessment prepared a total of 2,105, 741 assessment notices for British Columbia property owners for the 2013 Assessment Roll. This is an increase of 1.02 per cent from 2012. (Note: several properties have multiple owners who may each receive an assessment notice.)
  • BCA’s website features access to the convenient and easy-to-use e-valueBC. This public audit feature, designed for residential property owners, helps our customers ensure that their assessment is accurate by allowing them to easily compare their assessment to others in their neighbourhood.
  • An e-valueBC feature called Property Details allows property owners to view basic property details such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms and total square footage.

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卑诗物业估价署2013年的快速事实 - 温哥华房地产BC评估概况


■房地产的总价值在2013年卷是$ 1,129,026,081,413,从2012年的2.30%的增长。
■评估辊提供了一个稳定的基础,在不列颠哥伦比亚省的地方政府和税务部门提高超过$ 620亿美元的物业税,为学校和当地重要的服务。
■在16 BCA全省各地的办事处有629名全职员工。

■BCA增加约16.64亿美元的价值,在“非市场变化,包括新的建设和发展,以2013年的评估滚动 - 从$ 14.69条亿美元的非市场变化记录在2012年卷同比增长2.30%。
■在2012年,超过98%的业主接受其提供的资产评估BC评估,而不进行一个正式的,独立的审查(上诉),其评估。 1月31日,上诉必须以书面形式提交。

■卑诗物业估价署共准备了2,105,741评税通知书不列颠哥伦比亚省物业业主为2013年的评估滚动。这是从2012年同比增长1.02%。 (注:有几个属性有多个业主谁可能收到评税通知书)。

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