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10 Tips to Help Find Your New Home

Ashley Nielsen - Vancouver Real Estate - 10 Helpful Tips to Find Your New Home

1.)    Take Pictures – They will come in handy when you have to compare homes and make a decision

2.)    Do not do it alone – Bring a friend or family member. It is always good to have a second opinion

3.)    Find out how much you can afford – Concentrate on houses that fit your budget. Ask me for recommendations for Mortgage Brokers who will fit your unique needs and requirements.

4.)    Consider the proximity to your place of work – Think about the cost and time it will take you to commute to work from your new home possibilities.

5.)    Ask about utilities and other maintenance costs – This will give you an idea of what your expenses will be.

6.)    Budget for additional costs – Figure out if you can afford other costs that are necessary for renovations if there are thinks about the home that you wish to change.

7.)    Use a Real Estate Agent – Always use a real estate agent to save yourself a lot of stress and time. Real Estate Agents have access to information and statistics that will help save you time and money when searching for a home.

8.)    Sleep on it before you decide – After a good night’s sleep you may have a different perspective or at least would have time to have digested all of the information from the day before.

9.)    Decide on a neighbourhood – Narrow down your search.  Research communities, schools, parks and neighborhood amenities that you find desirable.

10.) Decide what you need vs. want – Stay focused on what is important to you. Comfort? Safety? Highway Access? Neighbors? 

1)拍照 - 他們會派上用場,當你有比較家園,並作出決定
2)不要單 - 帶一位朋友或家庭成員有第二個意見這是一件好事
3)了解多少你能負擔得起 - 集中的房屋適合您的預算向我要抵押貸款經紀人建議將滿足您的獨特需求
4)考慮你工作的地方附近 - 想想的成本和時間它會帶你上下班你的新家園的可能性
5)詢問有關公用事業其他維修費用 - 這將給你一個想法你的開支會什麼
6)財政預算案的額外費用 - 圖如果你能負擔得起成本是必要的翻修,如果有家,你想改變
7)使用的房地產經紀 - 始終使用一個房地產經紀人自己節省了很多壓力和時間地產代理訪問信息和統計數據,這將有助於您節省時間和金錢時,尋找一個
8)。睡在上面,然後再決定 - 一個良好的夜間睡眠可能有不同的看法至少將有時間消化所有的信息的前一天
9)決定附近 - 精確搜索結果研究社區,學校公園附近設施,你找到稱心如意的
10)。決定你需要什麼希望 - 保持專注於對你很重要舒適度安全嗎?高速公路出口鄰居嗎?

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