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10 Statistics About West Vancouver’s Population

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  • West Vancouver’s current population is just over 44,000.
  • West Van has BC’s highest percentage of persons age 65 and older (65 percent).
  • 29 percent of residents profess “no religion,”, while Protestant religions (combined) comprise roughly 48 percent of the population.
  • English is the primary language in 80 percent of all households.
  • Perhaps befitting its aging demographic, women outnumber men by 53% to 47%.
  • When it comes to marriage, money likely does buy happiness – only 9 percent of the adult population are separated or divorced.
  • There are 5,000 residents of Iranian origin, outnumbering Chinese, Korean, and East Indians.
  • Single, detached homes make up 54 percent of the housing types.
  • Benchmark sale price (June, 2012) of a single family home is $1.94M; a five-year increase of 29 percent.
  • 22,355 residents have post-secondary education.