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10 Real-Estate Secrets For Good Feng Shui

Real-estate sales offer valuable insights into the way we treat our homes, even when we’re not buying or selling. For instance, after a person hires a staging professional to get their home set up for sale, they’re likely to say, “Gee, it’s so nice in here now! Why didn’t we do this earlier?” Why wait until it’s time to sell? With a few tips and tricks used by real estate stagers, you can give your home fresh Chi energy and make it a more comfortable place to live, right now.

1. Create open space. Clear out excess furniture, getting rid of as much as you can. Hallways and doorways often get forgotten and deserve particular attention.

2. Clear clutter. Go through the house and clear off horizontal surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops.

3. Follow your nose. A home should always smell good. Have a friend whose judgment you trust give your home the “sniff test.”

4. Take care of details. If your home needs work — dated wallpaper, stained carpet — have it taken care of. “Remember, the potential buyer is as lazy as you are,” says one stager.

 5. Make your home feel ageless. There’s a difference between an old house and a classic home. “If a home looks 40 years old with 40-year-old paint, 40-year-old appliances and 40-year-old carpet, that’s a hard sell,” says another staging professional.

6. Let there be light. Make sure every room has good lighting, day and night. Open blinds & curtains, clean your windows, and let the sun shine in! “People buy space and light,” says yet another veteran stager.

 7. Clean your closets. Partially empty closets look roomy, and “space sells.”

 8. Add touches of vitality with flowers and healthy plants.

 9. Identify the focal point in each room — a fireplace, great view, interesting piece of art? — and eliminate distractions.

10. Place the most important piece of furniture in the Command Position to make yourself and visitors feel instantly at home.

What is the Command Position?

Feng Shui uses a concept called the “Command Position” to help you take charge of your life and feel secure in your space. Consider the seat you’re most likely to choose in a restaurant: across the room from the entry, with your back to a wall and at a slight angle, giving you a comfortable view of people coming in as well as your fellow diners.

When you’re in the
Command Position you can easily see the entry to your space, and have the best visual control over your space. Before you can concentrate on things like improving your relationships or your finances, you need to feel that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible. The Command Position puts you in the best position to deal with whatever might be coming through the door and into your life. To set it up in your home or office, place the most important piece of furniture in the room – your bed, your couch and your desk for starters — in the spot where you can easily see the doorway without being in a direct line with it.